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Course Description
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Spanish Literature
University of Barcelona (UB)
Barcelona, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Literature; Women's Studies 100 Spanish 3 45 One semester of college level Spanish is recommended

Literature - Female Writers (22.5 hours)

The course will take place during two terms and will have as its main goal the study of women in their facets as writers in the XXth and XXIst centuries.

Starting out from the reading and commentary of very brief simple fragments from a series of female authors, such as Elena Quiroga, Carmen Laforet, Ana Mª Matute, Carmen Martín Gaite and Josefina Aldecoa among others, the intention is to ensure that students get initiated into the knowledge of an important part of the culture of the XXth and XXIst centuries. Prior to the reading and analysis of fragments in class, some brief biographical traits will be outlined and the texts to be analyzed will be duly put into context. The necessary tools for the understanding of the said texts will be made available.


• The female writer in the cultural context of the XXth and XXIst centuries.
• Female issues in writing.
• Claims and achievements through writing.
• Reading, analysis and commentary of brief texts written by female writers such as: Elena Quiroga, Carmen Laforet, Ana M” Matute, Carmen Martín Gaite, Josefina Aldecoa.


The course will be based on a simple Anthology of texts, put together by the professor, bearing in mind that the students will be at the elementary level.

In the anthology, every text will be preceded by a few lines on the biography of the writer which will allow the student to situate the female writer and frame the text within its proper context.

Literature - Barcelona, city of novels (22.5 hours)
Term 1 : Orality and writing: Barcelona stories


To trace a route through the city of Barcelona and its relationship with oral literature (legends, traditions, etc…) as well as written literature. The first thematic axis -- which is included in the first term -- will be to see traditional tales and literary-cult ones, linked in one way or another with the city of Barcelona. In second place -- during the second term --, the history of literature written in the city will be looked at, as the center of the Spanish editorial world and link with European culture.

The study of texts will be accompanied with a detailed explanation of the landscape, culture and Barcelona society, thereby connecting the -- recently-arrived – student with a new and unknown reality to he or she, and therefore improving the student´s global understanding of Barcelona life.

Requires the comprehension and analysis of the said texts.


• Orality: first cultural perspective on Barcelona.
• Barcelona legends and traditions.
• Don Quixote´s passing through Barcelona. Catalan bandits.
• XIXth Century chronicles: Barcelona dresses in silk.
• Novels written in and about Barcelona.

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