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Course Description
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Geography - The Geography of Spain
University of Barcelona (UB)
Barcelona, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Geography 100 Spanish 1 22 One semester of college level Spanish is recommended

Geography - The Geography of Spain (22.5 hours)
TERM 1 : Spanish Quality of Life: Family, Job and Environment


To introduce students to Spain’s natural environment and its relationship with Spanish society and the country’s economy.


Geomorphology, economy and society
Genesis of the Iberian Peninsula
Large structural and topographical units
Relationship between physical factors and the human factor
Climate, economy and society
Temperatures, rainfall, prevailing winds
Climate diversity in the Iberian Peninsula
Relationship between climate factors and human activities
Hydrography, economy and society
Rivers, lakes, lagoons and their relation to human activities
Ecology, economy and society
Vegetation, fauna and global dynamics.


RABELLA, J.M., (1998), Atlas de España y Portugal , Barcelona, Península.
VIDAL, T., Apuntes policopiados .
VILÀ, J., (1980), La península ibérica , Barcelona, Ariel.


At the end of the term, a mid-year examination will be set based on the material presented in class.

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