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Course Description
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Spanish 100 - Elementary Spanish
University of Barcelona (UB)
Barcelona, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Spanish 100 Spanish 3 40 One semester of college level Spanish recommended


To master the forms and uses of the most common language units and sequences used in everyday life.

Special attention will be paid to learning the basic vocabulary in everyday use.

To develop the skills required to speak fluently and learn the basic aspects of constructing a written text.


1. Basic problems of pronunciation, spelling and accents.

2. Describing people and objects. Asking for and giving information. Speaking about habits and likes/dislikes. Forms and uses of the present indicative tense. The verbs ser and estar. Gender and number in nouns and adjectives. Adverbs and adverbial expressions.
Reflexive verbs and pronouns.

3. Personal experiences. Oral and written expression (forms and uses of the past
indicative tense; personal object pronouns; comparisons).

4. Planning and speculating (forms and uses of the future indicative tense; prepositions).

5. Polite language. Writing informal letters (forms and use of address; registers: colloquial speech/formal writing style).

6. Information and objective description. Probable form and uses of the indicative tense.

7. Acting and having an influence on others. Requests, instructions, orders, advice (forms
and uses of the imperative and the present subjunctive).

8. Expressing subjective views, opinions, wishes, feelings and value judgements (forms
and uses of the subjunctive tense).


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