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Course Description
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Management 430: Art, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship
American Business School Paris
Paris, France

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Management 300 English 3 45 Must be a third-year or fourth-year (upper division) business student.

This course is a “capstone” on today’s visual arts, putting the emphasis on both the variety and complexity of emerging artistic practices and the very unique kind of entrepreneurs that artists are.

The objectives of this course are to help students comprehend current art works, to bring out and unleash their own artistic streak, and to understand the society we live in through a different but accurate prism, i.e. art.  This course also aims to help students grasp the idea that being an artist implies a specific type of management, based on intuition.

Instructional Methodology:
The course will be developed through lectures, debates with guest artists, case studies and individual/group presentation of various assignments. The following topics will be covered in class:

- Introduction: is there a single definition of art?
- Art Nouveau and Art Deco : a radical break in the history of architecture
- Pop Art
- Land Art
- Media Art
- Digital Art
- Video Art
- Bio Art
- Light as a medium
- Street Art

The Art Firm: Aesthetic Management and Metaphysical Marketing, Pierre Guillet de
Monthoux, Stanford University Press, 2004 (408pp.) 

The final grade will be made up of individual/group presentations (30%) and a final examination (70%).

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