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Course Description
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Marketing 241: European Consumer Behavior
American Business School Paris
Paris, France

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Marketing 200 English 3 45 None

Any market has a huge diversity.  Apart from individual differences (demographics) and a variety of psychological make-ups, consumers are subjected to many social and cultural influences.  Every marketer tries to know how consumers behave before, during and after purchasing any item.  This course takes a multi-disciplinary approach to the discussion of consumer behaviour theory and applications, and includes the latest trends and demographic data for profiling European consumers.

Instructional Methodology:
Classes will be structured around formal lectures, group presentations, and class discussions.

Subjects covered in class will be :
- review of fundamental marketing terms and concepts
- introduction to the study of consumer behaviour
- role of consumer research, and research methodology
- intrinsic foundations of behaviour formation: personality, motivation, learning,
perception & attitudes
- external influences on behaviour: family, reference groups, social class, culture
- influence of culture: subculture, cross cultural intermingling
- consumer decision-making process: the science of shopping
- role of technology in shaping consumer responses: E-commerce

Consumer Behavior:  A European Perspective, Solomon el al, Pearson,  3e Ed, 2007 

class participation 20%; project & presentation 40%; final examination 40%

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