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Course Description
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Italian 202- Intermediate
Lorenzo de' Medici - Florence
Florence, Italy

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Italian 200 Italian 6 80 Two semester of college level Italian or equivalent

Directed toward the acquisition of more complex structures, this level is for those students who have completed two semesters or equivalent of Italian and who already have an active knowledge of elementary structures of the language. Grammar: Review of the previous levels. Adjectives: comparative, superlative regular and irregular. Adverbs. Prepositions and verbs. Relative and possessive pronouns. Combined pronouns, use and positioning. Future, usage in today's Italian. Past Definite. Conditional. Imperative. Introduction to subjunctive. Some areas covered: Cinema: a film review. Italian language. Eating habits. Sport. Geography: Italian Regions. Job. House. Biography. Literature: Reading of appropriate literature: Natalia Ginzburg, "Ti ho sposato per allegria".

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