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Course Description
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Environmental Financial Management
University of Westminster
London, England

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Business 200 English 4 50 N/A

Environmental Financial Management (Module Code: 2FIN657)

Summary of Course content: This course module will provide participants with a broad knowledge to appraise, from a both domestic and international perspective, environmental financial management strategies, risk limitation and economic analysis techniques relevant to strategic business decision making and the environment.

1.Identify, interpret and evaluate the impact of alternative industrial policies on our environment.
2. Apply the tools of financial analysis based upon capital theory, welfare economics, externalities, market regulation and cost-benefit analysis to environmental problems.
3.Assess a range of financial instruments designed to control commercial activities causing environmental pollution.
4.Explain, develop and evaluate sustainable risk management policies in both a domestic and global management context.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the course participants should be able to:
1.Be conversant with the theoretical discussion underpinning economic behaviour and the environment.
2.Understand the weaknesses of financial and economic theory in relation to analysing the environmental consequences of commercial activities.
3.Develop financial analytical skills for evaluating corporate policies and devising environmentally sustainable strategies to reduce inefficiencies in resource allocation and the impact of externalities.
4.Identify, interpret and apply broad risk management techniques in the context of both domestic and international strategic environmental financial management.
5.Critically demonstrate understanding of the role of a range of financial instruments and regulations for reducing ambient pollution caused by commercial activities.

Indicative syllabus content:
1.The focus of this course will be on the financial tools developed to deal with inefficiencies in resource allocation in industrial economies.
2.Students will be taught to analyse the relationship between human behaviour and the environment.
3.Financial risk management techniques will be presented based upon a study of capital theory, welfare economics, regulatory design and cost-benefit analysis.
4.Role of government: centralised versus decentralised environmental policies and regulations, methods of financing short- and long-term sustainable corporate strategies.
Environmental Financial Management (2FIN657)

Teaching and Learning Methods:
The module will be taught using the lecture/seminar format; one hour lecture followed by one and half hour seminar(s) over a five-day period.

Lectures will be used to:
1.Impart the subject specific knowledge on commercial behaviour and the environment.
2.Cover topics in a structured way and will be delivered using the various web sites.

Seminars will:
1.Reinforce various financial and economic concepts, tools and strategies, highlighted in the lecture by using a problem based-learning approach.
2.Use case studies, to be done in groups and individually, will be given out in advance and will also be made available on Blackboard.

Assessment Rationale: The purpose of the group coursework assessment will be to test the students’ ability principally on learning outcomes 1 & 2 set out above. In particular, they will be expected to demonstrate how they interpret, analyse and evaluate alternative corporate policies and strategies using real companies/industry for the purpose of their analyses. Once the students’ have decided on their groups (maximum 3 members), they will select their company/industry which then will require approval by the Module Leader.

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