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Course Description
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Political Science: Mediterranean Politics and Culture
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
Barcelona, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Political Science; Sociology 300 English 3 45 N/A


This course examines the evolution of the Mediterranean Basin since the first
settlers to the current situation in the Mediterranean with a poor south and the wealthy
north. Studying all the civilizations, religions and political institutions of this small sea,
students will learn how the modern conflicts were configured in Ancient or Medieval
Times, Palestine, Clash of Civilizations, the Balkans or Turkey and Greece.
The last weeks of the course will focus on Politics, Economics and Sociology of
the Mediterranean since the end of World War II, 1945. That is why students will need
more understanding of the last century than the Ancient or Medieval times.


Introduction and Syllabus.
Introduction to Barcelona.
Useful Information and Possible Visits
Ancient Mediterranean Cultures: Egypt and Phoenicians. Greece and Politics
Ancient Mediterranean Cultures: Rome and the Mare Nostrum.
Religions of the Mediterranean: Hebrews and Jews
Religions of the Mediterranean: Christians and the Empire. Muslims and the
Modern Mediterranean Cultures: Italy and the Renaissance. Spain and the
World Domination
Modern Mediterranean Cultures: France and the Enlightenment
Debate: The Cultures of the Mediterranean
Debate: Who is who in the Mediterranean?
Debate: Warfare in the Mediterranean
The French Revolution and the birth of Modernity
The Mediterranean Society in the 19th century: Large Estate and Crony
Capitalism. Family and Mafia
World Politics of the Mediterranean, 1815-1885
World Politics of the Mediterranean, 1885-1945
The Mediterranean Today: Modernization and Social Change
The Mediterranean Today: Post modernization and Social Change?
One Sea, two economies: the politics of dependency
Migrations and ecological collapse
The Clash of Civilizations in the Mediterranean
Al Qaeda and the project of Modernization

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