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Course Description
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Advanced Italian Language
University of Florence
Florence, Italy

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Italian Language 300 Italian 4 60 3-4 semesters of college level Italian recommended.

This course is for students who have reached a good level both linguistically and grammatically and a more sophisticated level is aimed at.  Since this is a University Centre the course does not deal only with grammar and language but includes also lectures on historical artistic and social aspects of Italian culture.  In this course grammar is concerned chiefly with syntax and enriching the student’s vocabulary.  Space is still allowed for conversation and dictation, while particular attention is paid to phonetics.  Texts from Italian literature will be read with an explanatory commentary.  There will be lectures on Italian etymology, which will analyze the development of certain key-words and sentence forms.  Pronunciation will be dealt with individually according to the degree of proficiency the student has reached.

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