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Course Description
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Intensive Spanish Language II
University of Granada
Granada, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Spanish 300 Spanish 5 80 Two to three semesters of college level Spanish or equivalent

Conversation: Students will learn to understand the main idea and some essential details of conversations among native Spanish speakers about subjects familiar to the student. The course will review public announcements and media news briefs. Students will learn to express themselves in simple tenses and to convey general opinions about familiar topics. Students will practice speaking in the past tense (referring to a specific moment in time, referring to an amount of time, relating two occurrences in the past, talking about habits and their frequency in relation to the present, and describing events). Students will also learn to express opinions, speak about the future and recount statements.

Grammar: The grammar component will introduce the construction of the future, future perfect, and present subjunctive tenses and the basic uses of the conditional. The transformation of the imperative, the present indicative, the subjunctive, the future, the indefinite and the perfect tenses will also be covered. The course will go over the use of the subjunctive in expressing wishes and/or necessity will be introduced. Students will be introduced to vocabulary and expressions to evaluate facts and to congratulate, thank, invite, express wishes, and praise.

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