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Course Description
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Spanish 301 - Conversation and Writing
University of Granada
Granada, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Spanish 300 Spanish 3 45 Three semester of college level Spanish or equivalent

The objective of this class is to prepare the student of the Specific Studies Course so that they can acquire a linguistic and communicative competence, which can be developed in these studies. Because of this, the class is eminently practical and aims to give the student an active and prolonged contact with the language of study.
Fundamentally utilized is a methodology based on the focusing of homework and the integration of skills with the following objectives:

1. Production of texts of diverse types: take notes, do outlines, synthesize summaries,
elaborate information.
2. Continual grammatical revision. Analysis of errors and grammatical reinforcement.
3.Analysis of different types of texts that show the specific, academic, literary,
popularizing, and informal language.
4. Understand and participate in expositions
5. Participation and expression of opinions of each situation of communication. Share emotions and express, interpret, and discuss attitudes and points of view.
6. General information that permits the relating and contextualizing of acts that occur in
the country of study.

The program of the class will be prepared by the professor attending to the specific necessities of the group and appropriate to their level of understanding of the language, not forgetting that the students are on the border of Intermediate B and Advanced A. For this reason each group will have its proper necessities.

Classroom work
The professor will provide an evaluation test and according to the results the units will be planned and will be assigned greater or least relevance. The following are example of the planned homework that have been included in the program:
1.- Description of personality: vocabulary-verbs
2.- Tell Stories. Resources.
3.- Advertising workshop. Advertising language.
4. Work with the film Mujeres al borde de un Ataque de Nervios
5. Vocabulary of the home. Cooking recipes.
6. Expression of hypothesis.
7. Daily press. Journalistic language.
8. Etc.

Work outside the classroom
he class work complements the homework that the students have to fulfill to daily reinforce what is learned in class. The homework has as a fundamental objective the use of the written expression and the analysis of errors, which will be looked at on the following day. Generally used are summaries, synthesis and argumentation.

The models of work that will be followed inside and out of the classroom. Discussions. Oral expositions. Surveys. Written work. Summaries. Production of role-play programs (radio, television). Others.

Materials used
Videos: movies, television programs (informative, sitcoms) Press: newspapers, magazines, etc. Radio Programs. Literary texts. Other complimentary materials (advertising pamphlets, announcements)

Depending on the development of the class, the professor of the class will give the exams and evaluations appropriate to the abilities of the student.

Through the course of the class and in conjunction with what will be studied, the professor will give a bibliography necessary for the comprehension of the proposed themes of the class.

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