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Course Description
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MIS 320: E-Commerce and Internet Marketing
American Business School Paris
Paris, France

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Management of Information Systems 300 English 3 45 MIS 310 or equivalent


This objective of this course is to understand e-business from both theoretical and practical viewpoints.  The instructor will present most material in lecture format.  Students will be able to understand the concepts of successful e-business, and be able to apply these concepts to current business models on the internet.



Lecture and discussion, with group reports that relate theory and practice to actual e-business sites.  Emphasis will be on the practical application of theory and models, and students will be expected to contribute their personal experience on the internet as users and consumers. 


Students will present a wide variety of current topics on e-business today, such as the future of Moore’s Law, the Amazon affiliate program, banner ad purchasing, Dutch auctions, Google, asynchronous learning, MIT OpenCoursware Project, cookies & privacy policies, Dell and extranets, ISO and the net, new laws affecting the internet, ICANN, etc.


Will be covered in class:

-                      the digital world, networks, individuals online, web business models

-                      customer support and online quality, personalization strategies, new product development on the web, traffic building, brand building

-                      online communities, pricing online, e-commerce strategies,

-                      internet marketing plans, organizing for the net


TEXT:  E-Commerce Business, Technology, Society, Laudon & Traver, 2nd Edition



The final grade will be made up of class participation (20%), group oral and written presentations (20%), and a final exam (40%).

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