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Course Description
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Finance 450: International Finance
American Business School Paris
Paris, France

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Finance 400 English 3 45 Finance 210 (Business Finance 1) or equivalent; Finance 220 (Business Finance 2) or equivalent

This course will enable the student to become familiar with the principal financial tools used by multinational corporations in the management of their business. After an overview of the international financial environment and the relevant institutions and markets, we will look at specific strategy options available to MNC's under various conditions. Emphasis will be given to related issues such as the effect of taxation, and the mitigation of political risk and FX exposure.

The course consists of class lectures, individual/group case analysis presentations and tests.

Will be covered in class :
- Introduction : Basic Definitions
International Monetary System
- Balance of Payments
- Foreign Exchange ; Futures & Options
- Forecasting
- Managing Operating & Transaction Exposure
- Managing Accounting Exposure
- International Banking
- Debrt Sourcing; Equity Sourcing
- Corporate Strategy; Management of Political Risk
- Capital Budgeting; Import/Export Financing
- Working Capital Management
- Performance Evaluation

Multinational Business Finance, Eiteman/Stonehill/Moffet, Addison-Wesley, 10th Ed,2004

The final grade will be made up of a class participation, individual/group presentations of special assignments, a mid-term test and the final examination.

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