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Course Description
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Management 410: Strategic Management
American Business School Paris
Paris, France

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Management 400 English 3 45 Management 210 (Process and Functions of Management) or equivalent

This course is essentially a "capstone" on business education, incorporating all principles of prior business courses and applying these elements to practical, real-life models through assigned case analyses. Both subjective and objective judgement will be required for a complete and satisfactory resolution.

The general objective is the broadening of the understanding of the nature and dynamics of complex organizations and the interplay of the various business disciplines (accounting, finance, personnel, management, marketing, economics) in the successful management and leadership of these organizations. The particular objective is the development and utilization of skills in situational analysis and decision-making and in the oral and written communication necessary to effective implementation.

Presentation of the theoretical material to be covered in lecture form, group presentations of cases studied in class, written critiques of these cases.

Will be dealt with in class :
- Strategic Management Process; Case Analysis as a Method of Study
- General Management as a Conceptual Framework
- Manager as Strategist : Roles, Functions, Skills Required
- Tasks of Strategic Management - Defining company Mission; Setting Objectives
- Strategic Analysis : External Environment, Internal Environment, Forecasting
- Strategic Formulation : Alternative Strategies, Contingency Plans, Definsive Plans
- Strategic Implementation : Organization Structure, Performance Reward System,
Support systems
- Strategic Evaluation : Control Systems, Personal & Ethical Values

Strategic Management, Concepts & Cases, Thomson, McGraw Hill, 13th Ed, 2001

The final grade will be made up of a class presentation, written case analyses, class quizzes and a final examination.

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