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Course Description
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Law 210: American Business Law
American Business School Paris
Paris, France

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Law 200 English 3 45 None

This course provides a thorough look at the basic principles of contract law in the United States and England. The formation of contracts, the policing and remedial functions of the law of contract, will be examined through a review of the relevant case law and legislation.

To introduce the student to the field of business law by looking at the principles which underlie it. Concepts central to the notion of contract law will be manipulated in order to develop the capacity to identify the potential problems arising out of a contract.

The course is developed through lectures and case studies.

Will be covered in class :
- Introduction to Law and the classifications of Law
- the American Legal System (Organization of the Federal & State Court Systems & Jurisdictions)
- Dispute Settelement - the Adversary System, Function of a Judge, Civil Procedure,
Appellate Court Jurisdiction
- Intentional Torts - Interference with Personal Rights, Property Rights & Economic Relations
- Negligence & Strict Liability
- Contracts - Nature & Origins, Creating a Contract, Capacity to Contract, Voluntary Consent,
Third Parties' Contract rights, Performance & Remedies
- Formation & Terms of Sales Contracts - Creation of Sales Contracts, Warranties & Product Liability, Performance of Sales Contracts, Remedies for Breach of Sales Contracts

Business Law Today, Miller & Jentz, WEST Publishing Co., 6th Edition, 2003

The final grade will be made up of a mid-term test and the final examination. They count 50% each. (Students can hand in homework projects which will be taken into consideration where the student is between two grades Ex. B- and C+).

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