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Course Description
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Marketing 340: Marketing Research
American Business School Paris
Paris, France

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Marketing 300 English 3 45 Marketing 210 (Principles of Marketing) or equivalent; QNT 210 (Business Statistics) or equivalent; QNT 220 (Quantitative Ananlysis) or equivalent

An examination of the acquisition of information for marketing managment decision making, including the formulation of research problems, research design, data sources and collection methods, sampling design, data analysis and presentation of results.

To provide students with the fundamentals necessary to evaluate when marketing research is necessary, to determine the type of research required and to interpret and apply the results. To give students experience in designing and implementing a survey, and analyzing, interpreting and reporting results.

The course is developed through lectures, discussion and group/individual presentations of case studies. Students are expected to thoroughly read text materials and participate in class discussion.

Will be covered in class :
- Introduction ; Marketing Research Process
- Data Sources ; Measurement Process
- Data Collection Methods
- Sampling Plan ; Further sampling procedures & Field Operations
- Data Processing & Analysis
- Reporting Research Findings
- Demand Measurement & Test Marketing
- Testing Hypotheses & Database Marketing

Marketing Research Essentials, McDaniels & Gates, Wiley, 5th Edition, 2005

The final grade will be made up of class exercises and mini-projects (30%) a mid-term test (30%) and the final examination (40%).

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