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Course Description
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English 120: Critical Reading and Writing
American Business School Paris
Paris, France

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
English 100 English 3 45 None

The objective of this class is to develop students' abilities to read analytically and write clearly, using literature to illustrate how messages can be conveyed and constructed. Special attention will also be paid to editing and peer analysis.

The majority of classes will be devoted to the analysis of a particular text. Class discussion will allow students to explore how a particular writer has structured his/her text and used language to communicate his/her ideas, emotions or opinions.

There are 3 different types of written work :
Rewritten texts are homework assignments that have been evaluated by the teacher and other students for effectiveness and language use, and then rewritten. In-class essays are written under controlled conditions during class time; students will be told when these will take place in advance so that they can bring a dictionary. Single submissions are essays that are written at home but may not be rewritten for a grade.
Vocabulary checks are short tests based on vocabulary items taken from texts discussed in class; grammar checks are short tests based on chapters in the assigned grammar book.

Writing Academic English, Oshima & Hogue, Addison Wesley Longman, 3rd Ed, 1999
English Grammar in Use, Murphy, Cambridge University Press, 3rd Edition
Test Your Idioms, Watcyn-Jones, Longman
The Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger, Penguin

50% of the final grade will be based on written work, 25% on vocabulary and grammar checks and 25% on class participation. In this context, "participation" means that students demonstrate that they have read and thought about the text by contributing ideas to the class discussion in an orderly manner and by taking other people's contributions into account.

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