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Course Description
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English 101: Academic Methodology
American Business School Paris
Paris, France

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
English 100 English 3 45 None

This is a class to help students organize their time, to develop efficient study skills and habits and to learn the techniques required in the production of an academic research paper and reports.

Students will receive certain basic material in the form of a mini-lecture, but because this class is of a very practical nature, there will be ample opportunity for hands-on application of the study skills learned. The last 3 sessions of the semester will be devoted to the application of the skills you will have learned by writing a short research paper.

no required text; students will be working from a variety of sources.

- American higher education in comparison with other systems of education
- the value of ‘liberal education’ subjects
- calculating your grade point average (GPA)
- academic honesty and dishonesty
- academic survival skills and time management
- examination preparation
- taking notes from a text and in a lecture
- research and using the library
- organization of essay writing
- bibliographies and footnotes
- increasing your reading speed

The final grade will be made up of class presence and participation (25%), surprise class quizzes (25%) and the final report/research paper (50%).

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