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Course Description
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History - General History of Spain (Ancient and Medieval)
University of Barcelona (UB)
Barcelona, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
History 200, 300, 400 Spanish 1 20 Spanish 200 or equivalent

To familiarize students with basic aspects of Spain’s history from Prehistoric times up until the Roman period, looking at the key eras between the Paleolithic and Romanization. Students study the historical periods known as Prehistory. Visits will be organized to the historic areas of Barcelona to introduce students to the Roman and Visigothic cities.

Syllabus (First term)

  • Prehistory: Paleolithic and Neolithic.
  • Entering History: colonization and the metal route, Phoenicians and Greeks, Tartessos, the Carthaginian empire, consequences of the colonizations.
  • The pre-Roman peoples: social organization, economic structure.
  • The Romanization of the Iberian Peninsula.
  • The fall of the Roman Empire: Sueves, Vandals and Alans in Hispania.
  • The Visigothic Kingdom of Tolosa (418-507).
  • Visigothic Spain. The Kingdom of Toledo: political institutions, law, society, economy and culture.
  • Crisis of the Visigothic kingdom: the spread of Islam.

Reading List

Geografía e Historia de España y de los Países Hispánicos, IBÉRICA, (1989), Barcelona, Vicens Vives.
BLÁZQUEZ, J.M., (1974), La romanización, Madrid, Istmo.
MARTÍN, J. L., (1978), La Península en la Edad Media, Barcelona, Teide.
ORLANDIS, J., (1977), Historia de España. La España Visigótica, Madrid, Gredos.
SANTOS, J., (1997), Los pueblos de la España Antigua
2 vols., Madrid, Historia 16.
TARRADELL, M. - MANGAS, J., (1980), Historia de España. Primeras culturas e Hispania romana, Barcelona, Labor.
THOMPSON, E.A., (1971), Los godos en España, Madrid, Alianza.
TOVAR, A. - BLÁZQUEZ, J.M., (1980), Historia de la Hispania Romana. La Península Ibérica desde el 218 a.C. hasta el siglo V
, Madrid, Alianza.


A written examination is set at the end of the term, based on one general theme or on four specific themes. Students are also encouraged to produce a written paper on one of the themes studied during the course, under the supervision of the teacher.

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