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Course Description
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Film Studies/Art - Spanish Cinema
University of Barcelona (UB)
Barcelona, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Film Studies, Art 200, 300, 400 Spanish 1 20 Spanish 200 or equivalent

The course objectives are to discuss films shown in class and to broaden students’ knowledge of conversational Spanish through cinema (formal and informal register, dialect varieties, and so on). The course also aims to analyze how films reflect Spanish society and how Spanish cinema responds to its changing needs.


During the course we view films, or excerpts of films, from among the most representative in Spanish cinema from its origins to the present day. We analyze the artistic oeuvres of established film-makers such as Buñuel, Bardem, García Berlanga, Saura, etc., and so on, and special attention will be paid to the works of the most important Spanish directors of the last two decades – Almodóvar, Trueba, Amenábar, Medem, Miró, among others.

Reading List

Heredero, C. F., (1999), Veinte nuevos directores, Madrid, Alianza.
Seguin, J. C., (1996), Historia del cine español, Madrid, Acento Editorial.
Torres, A. M., (1996), Diccionario Espasa de cine español, (edición de bolsillo), Madrid, Espasa.


At the end of the term students will submit an essay on a topic related to course material.

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