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GSE University Campus Visits

Come visit us on your campus at these upcoming visits...

  • UC Irvine 2/16/2011
  • Columbia College of Chicago 2/16/11
  • UC Santa Barabara 2/17/11
  • UMN Duluth 2/17/11
  • CSU Long Beach 2/22/11, 3/16/11
  • University of San Francisco 2/22/11
  • Carnegie Mellon 2/22/11
  • UCLA 2/23/11, 2/24/11
  • UC Santa Cruz 2/23/11, 2/24/11
  • UC San Diego 2/23/11
  • Seton Hill 2/23/11
  • Gannon University 2/24/11
  • North Carolina State 2/28/11, 3/1/11
  • Ithaca College 2/28/11, 3/9/11
  • CSU Fullerton 3/1/11, 3/15/11
  • CSU Nothridge 3/3/11, 3/22/11
  • San Diego State Unviersity 3/8/11, 3/16/11
  • CSU San Marcos 3/10/11
  • Concordia University Irvine 3/23/11

GSE Scholarship Information

GSE provides a number of different scholarships to help assist GSE participants pay for their program tuition costs abroad.  Applying for a GSE Scholarship is easy.  Adhere to the listed Scholarship Application Requirements or call GSE at (866) 756-2443 to get started today!


Scholarship Application Requirements:


-          Be currently enrolled in a college or university in the U.S. or Canada

-          Send GSE a college or university transcript

-          Must be accepted into a GSE program

-          Meet the GPA  and other listed requirement assigned to each scholarship

-          Complete an essay of at least 400 words answering the Scholarship Question

-          Follow all of the GSE Policies; GSE reserves the right to revoke any scholarship if a GSE participant does not adhere to the GSE policies.

-          Students may only apply for one GSE scholarship

-          Deadlines:
-    Summer 2011 Program: March 15, 2011
-    Fall 2011 Program:  May 15, 2011
-    Spring 2012 Program: September 1, 2011


Please send all Scholarship Essays and information to:


Global Student Experience Scholarships
17752 Skypark Circle, Suite 235
Irvine, CA 92614


Below is a complete list of available GSE Scholarships:


GSE Language Development Scholarship

Amount:  $500

Minimum GPA:  2.7

For any student who will be studying on a GSE quarter, semester, or year long foreign language program to any location.


Scholarship Question

Why is it important for Americans to acquire a second language?  What is the main benefit you expect to gain from the GSE language development program you will be participating in?


GSE Business Studies Scholarship

Amount:  $1000

Minimum GPA:  3.0

Open to any GSE student studying Business courses in London, Sydney, Paris, or Barcelona for a semester or year.


Scholarship Question

International business and globalization are growing trends.  How do these factors influence your life everyday in America?  How do you expect them to influence your daily life abroad?


GSE Liberal and Studio Arts Scholarship
Amount:  $1000
Minimum GPA:  3.0
For any student who will be studying on a GSE semester or year program to Lorenzo de' Medici in Florence, London Metropolitan University, or Macquarie University (Sydney) with academic studies focused on courses in studio arts, liberal arts, fine arts, or performing arts.
Scholarship Question
Florence, London, and Sydney each have their own distinct historical and contemporary climates for artistic expression.  Describe how the artistic heritage of your chosen study abroad destination will influence your personal growth.

GSE Academic Scholarship

Amount:  $1000

Minimum GPA:  3.0

For any student who will be studying on any GSE semester or year long academic program to any location.


Scholarship Question

Research a major political, scientific, social or economic issue surfacing in Europe, South America, or Australia today.  Explain and support your point of view on the topic.


GSE Summer Scholarship

Amount:  $250

Minimum GPA:  3.0

For any student who will be attending a GSE summer program in any location.


Scholarship Question

What do you believe will be the most important thing you are going to take away from the GSE summer program?

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