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Student Conduct         

While abroad, GSE students are expected to abide by all GSE policies concerning student conduct.  This includes following the laws and regulations of their host country.  Additionally, GSE students must fulfill their academic responsibilities by upholding the high academic standards of their host institution.  In accordance with these responsibilities, GSE students must read and understand these policies, and agree to abide by them while abroad.


In addition to their responsibilities as a GSE program participant, GSE students have academic responsibilities at their host institution(s). GSE students are expected to remain academically eligible at their host institution(s).  To remain eligible, GSE students must preserve their full-time student status, achieve passing grades, and comply with the attendance policies of their host institution(s), in addition to any other policies concerning academic eligibility at their host institution(s).  GSE students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the policies of their host institution(s), especially with regards to their attendance policies.  Depending on the policies of the host institution, ineligible students may not receive a transcript or transfer credit.  GSE students are expected to maintain honest conduct in their academic affairs and agree to refrain from cheating, plagiarism, or any other dishonest conduct. 

GSE enforces all policies of the host institution.  GSE students violating these policies will face appropriate disciplinary action, which may include dismissal from their host institution(s) or program.  Students dismissed from their program for academic reasons will forfeit any and all academic transcripts and will receive no refund of any kind. 


Drugs and Alcohol


GSE does not tolerate excessive consumption of alcohol or use of illegal drugs.  Students violating GSE’s alcohol and drug policies will face appropriate disciplinary action, which may include dismissal from the program and returning home at the student’s expense.  While abroad, GSE students will be subject to the laws of their host country concerning alcohol and drugs.  In the event that a student violates the local laws of their host country and is jailed or imprisoned, GSE will take appropriate measures to inform the student’s emergency contact.  However, neither GSE nor the student’s home country Embassy/Consulate may be able to intervene on the student’s behalf.  Students removed from a GSE program for drug or alcohol related reasons will forfeit all academic transcripts and will receive no refunds of any kind.   




GSE students and expected to read and understand all pre-departure materials, prior to their departure. The pre-departure information and advice that GSE offers is intended to assist each student in preparing for his/her study abroad experience.   Additionally, GSE students are expected to educate themselves on issues concerning their safety and health and their host country’s political, cultural, and religious climate.  While abroad, GSE students are responsible for their actions and behavior and are subject to all local laws and customs.  GSE students are also responsible for treating all program participants, classmates, housing providers, host university faculty and personnel, GSE personnel, and local authorities with respect and regard.




While abroad, it is of utmost importance that GSE students maintain prudent and cautious behavior and a general sense of awareness to encourage a safe, successful international education experience.  GSE students must exercise good judgment in their everyday decisions concerning their health and safety in their host country.  Every GSE student must actively participate in their personal health and safety.  GSE students jeopardizing their safety and/or the safety of fellow students will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, including removal from their program. 


Disciplinary Action


GSE students are required to abide by the policies of this document, as well as all policies of their host institution(s).  Additional policies may be set by GSE Onsite Program Directors to ensure student safety, academic achievement, or to continue/bolster good relations with the host university and community.  GSE may pursue disciplinary action in the case that a student engages in activities or behaviors that (A) jeopardize their health and safety or the health and safety of others; (B) are disrespectful towards a people or a culture; (C) blatantly disregard cultural norms and rules, or (D) violate the laws of their host country, the policies or standards of their host institution, or any of GSE’s policies.  Depending on the severity of the violation or incident, GSE will employ one or more of the following disciplinary actions: a formal report documenting the offending incident, a verbal warning cautioning the student against future or continued violations, a formal written warning expressing the student’s proximity to removal, and/or removal from the program and program site, including housing.

GSE Onsite Program Directors will assess any incidents and determine the appropriate disciplinary action.  According to the severity of the violation, any disciplinary action may be employed, up to and including removal from the program.  Additionally, GSE reserves the right to contact a student’s Emergency Contact and/or home university with regards to disciplinary actions.  Students dismissed from their program will be ineligible for any academic transcripts and will receive no refund of any kind. 

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